Our Motto

What does Stationery Items, Prints, Almanacs, Books, Cards, Magazines, Militaria, Paper Cuts, Paper Dolls, Post Cards and Stamps have in common? At first glance, the answer will be nothing and naturally so. What connection can there possibly be between prints and paper dolls, magazines and militaria which is military articles of historical interest?

The answer is simple. Yes, there is! All of these are worth collecting and doing so is a hobby amongst millions of people around the globe. This is why we have a blog site that is dedicated to these items of interest and is increasingly becoming popular amongst those wanting to start off on a leisurely diversion from the rigours of everyday life.

As can be seen from the items that we have chosen to cover, they encompass almost every type of collectible that is generally done by the common man. Post cards, paper dolls, prints and almanacs are some of the favourites. So far as stamps and stamp collection is concerned, philately is widely regarded as one of the most endearing hobbies of all time.

Our blogs on stamp collection cover almost every aspect on the subject and both seasoned philatelists as well as beginners will find our blogs particularly enlightening. We take beginners through the first steps of stamp collection, from steps to take to start a collection to what stamps to look out for that will add value to the albums.

Of special interest on our site is our blogs on militaria, a little known aspect that also falls under collectibles. The only difference with others in our niche is that it is generally organisations and museums that can stock and possess these items. Apart from those who are having weapons that have been handed down through generations and are treated as family heirlooms, militaria is most often than not under the control of Government and semi-Govt agencies.

Our site is primarily for hobbyists. Browse our site and you must just develop a new line of interest.